Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Online Services Terms of Use

Last updated: August 11, 2020

The Workers Compensation Board ("WCB") of Prince Edward Island online services are provided to you on the terms and conditions set out below (collectively the “Online Services Terms of Use”) , as well as, contained within the Website Terms of Use document.

This system is restricted to authorized users for legitimate business purposes and is subject to audit. Actual or attempted unauthorized access, use or modification of computer systems is a violation of federal and provincial laws.

Terms and Conditions

  • I am responsible and accountable for all use of my User Name and password and I must take prudent measures to protect my User Name and password. I am responsible for changing my password immediately after a new password has been issued to me by WCB. I may only use my User Name and password to perform activities related to my business with WCB and I may only perform authorized functions. Any unauthorized attempt to access or modify computer system information or to interfere with normal systems operations, whether on WCB computer systems or networks that are accessible from WCB, may result in the suspension or termination of my access and possible legal action being taken.
  • Information sent to WCB will only have legal effect after it has been submitted to and properly received by, and is accessible to WCB.
  • If I receive information from WCB through this service and suspect that it is incomplete, inaccurate, corrupted in transmission, or not intended for me, I must notify WCB and request clarification. The information must not be relied upon until clarification is received from WCB.
  • If I am notified that information that I sent to WCB is incomplete, inaccurate, or corrupted, I must take corrective action as may be reasonably required in the circumstances.
  • By accessing information from a WCB application, I agree that any and all information obtained about any third party, including any worker under the Workers Compensation Act, shall be held in the strictest of confidence and in compliance with applicable federal and provincial privacy laws.

Online Payment Disclaimer

The WCB is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of service. In furtherance of this commitment, the WCB offers Online Services allowing users to make payments on their account with a Visa or MasterCard using the Internet. The WCB has made arrangements with Bambora to provide this payment service.

Users who decide to make payments by credit card will be asked to furnish payment method information: the credit card number and expiration date, the three digit security code, etc. Users will be informed of the amount of the total before they confirm the payment. Users who decide to proceed with the transaction will receive a confirmation number from Bambora as proof of payment. Users should also note that, following authorization of the credit card payment, Bambora will forward to the WCB only that information necessary for the WCB to properly credit payment to the user’s account (payment amount, etc.). Credit card information is stored client-side, temporarily in memory, for the duration of the transaction and is not sent to WCB at any time.

The WCB does not control any web site referenced or accessed through links or otherwise from the WCB's web site, and are not responsible for the content, privacy policies, security policies or procedures of such web sites, or for the content, privacy policies, security policies or procedures of any links contained in such web sites.

Limitation of liability

  • WCB reserves the right to disable the service as required, for the purposes of routine maintenance or as an emergency termination of electronic computer connections to protect resources from illegal access or other damage. In the case of an unanticipated service failure, WCB will make best attempts to restore the service to normal operating conditions as quickly as possible. Temporary disruption of the service will not constitute termination of the Agreement or relieve me from my general obligations to report to WCB.
  • WCB accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind that the user of this service may suffer as a result of its use. By using this service, the user specifically accepts all legal and general liability for any loss that may arise from such use.